Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace


Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace - White lashes
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Unleash Your Bohemian Spirit with the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace

Embrace Bohemian Spirit

Embrace the free-spirited essence of Bohemia with the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace.

Let its enchanting design and mystical allure transport you to a realm of creativity and self-expression.

Protect Your Aura with Style

Protect your aura with style using the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace.

Infuse your look with a touch of bohemian chic while safeguarding yourself from negative energies with this captivating accessory.

Elevate Your Boho Ensemble

Elevate your boho ensemble effortlessly with the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace.

Add a dash of intrigue and charm to your outfit, making a bold statement that reflects your unique sense of style.

Radiate Positive Energy

Radiate positive energy wherever you go with the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace.

Let its vibrant colors and ancient symbolism serve as a beacon of optimism, attracting good fortune and happiness into your life.

Embody Bohemian Elegance

Embody the essence of bohemian elegance with the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace.

Its intricate design and earthy vibe capture the spirit of freedom and individuality, making it the perfect accessory for the modern-day nomad.

Ward Off Negativity in Boho Style

Ward off negativity in true boho style with the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace.

Harness the protective powers of the evil eye while exuding effortless charm and grace, creating a harmonious balance between style and spirituality.

Connect with Nature’s Beauty

Connect with the beauty of nature wearing the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace.

Let its natural elements and organic textures inspire a sense of wonder and awe, grounding you in the present moment with each wear.

Add a Touch of Mystery

Add a touch of mystery to your look with the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace.

Let its enigmatic aura pique curiosity and ignite conversation, inviting others to delve into the mystical realm of bohemian culture.

Express Your Unique Spirit

Express your unique spirit with the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace.

Embrace your individuality and authenticity as you adorn yourself with this symbolic accessory, celebrating the beauty of diversity and self-expression.

Infuse Your Life with Creativity

Infuse your life with creativity wearing the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace.

Let its artistic flair and unconventional charm inspire you to explore new horizons and embrace the limitless possibilities of your imagination.

Stand Out with Boho Flair

Stand out from the crowd with boho flair wearing the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace.

Make a statement that reflects your free-spirited nature and adventurous soul, captivating hearts and minds wherever you go.

Spread Bohemian Love and Light

Spread love and light in true bohemian fashion with the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace.

Share the magic of positivity and kindness as you wear this talismanic accessory, illuminating the world with your radiant spirit.

Elevate Your Boho Lifestyle

Elevate your boho lifestyle with the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace.

Let its mystical charm and protective energy enhance your journey of self-discovery and adventure, guiding you towards a life filled with joy and fulfillment.

Manifest Your Bohemian Dreams

Manifest your bohemian dreams with the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace.

Let its powerful symbolism and spiritual significance empower you to pursue your passions and embrace the wonders of the universe with open arms.

Experience Bohemian Beauty and Protection

Experience the beauty and protection of Bohemia with the Evil Eye Bohemia Necklace.

Embrace its bohemian charm and mystical allure as you navigate life’s adventures with confidence and grace.

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WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals, including lead and cadmium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit the Proposition 65 Warnings Website.



  • Materials: Copper, Zircon
  • Gift for: Women, Lady, Lovers, Girls,
  • Occasion: Wedding, Daily, Valentine Day, Anniversary, Party, etc.
  • Fashion: Yes
  • Size: 46cm (Approx.)


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Metal Color: No selection

Gold Color, Rose Gold Color


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